Thursday, 6 November 2014

North Shore politicians give nothing away

North Shore politicians announce another row of dots
The start of something really big
Baird and Abbott have finally made an announcement about plans to add six more lanes to the existing four lanes of the M5 motorway. There are startling differences to the original motorway which provides direct connections to the Port facilities at Port Botany, to the International and Domestic terminals at Mascot and to the Sydney Harbour tunnel via the Eastern Distributor as well as access to the Eastern Suburbs.
The end of the Edgeware Road
The six extra lanes do nothing but dump uncontrollable volumes of vehicles into narrow local roads: Euston Road, Edgeware Road and via a new bridge over the Alexandra Canal to Bourke Road.

The schematics and CG videos for WestConnex all showed the motorway travelling along the surface after passing under the King Street with silly little arrows signifying exit ramps directly to the airport access road Airport Drive and direct access to Gardeners Road and to the Princes Highway but this has all been scrapped for access only to Euston Road. Eighty homes will be demolished to widen Campbell Road to carry traffic to Edgeware and Bourke Roads. Duncan Gay stated that only 100 homes would be forcibly aquired for the WestConnex project. This was clearly untrue.

All 5 eastern light-blue little arrows are fraudulent
The North Shore politicians Abbott and Baird are competing with one another as to who can lie the most blatantly before an election.

The dark blue little arrows will require massive resumptions of property and nothing has been disclosed. The residents of St Peters got as much warning they were to be targeted as an Iraqi villager hit by a remotely-controlled drone strike.

Presumably there will be tolls on the existing lanes of the M5 which have never had tolls but there is no information on what the tolls will be if Baird wins the election. The only information the public has about the project which was an election promise at the last election is the usual lines of dots on vague maps that are deliberately contradictory. All the North Shore politicians have achieved in four years is to put public servants who are devoid of any ethical conscience in control of Departments and order them to churn out deceptive computer generated videos.
New M5 press release
I have finally found a copy of the press release that was blown up into a billboard for Abbott, Baird and Roads and Maritime Services minister Duncan Gay to posture in front of. If you click on it it blows up to full size but don't bother: it is deliberately deceptive and designed to conceal the failure of the "new M5" to meet any of its design objectives.

On every motorway in the state traffic enters a carriageway from the lefthand side. The public servants who produced the billboard have the southbound carriageway of Euston Road, widened by demolishing homes, extended south across the waste transfer station to tunnel under Canal Street and under or over the blue-line tunnels. Then we are asked to believe the on ramp would tunnel back over or under the blue-line tunnels to feed traffic into three-lane "New M5" tunnels before the proposed split to a Southern motorway.

The drawings deliberately conceal if the Euston Road on and off ramps pass over or under the blue-line carriageways that end in a blank wall. However Baird announced in June that he would build "rapid transit" rail tunnels under the existing rail tunnel under King Street, and the road tunnels of Stage 3 line up with these tunnels like astrological points presaging doom. If the "rapid transit" rail tunnels had to pass under the road tunnels even single-deck trains would be battling to make it back to the surface in time for the residents along the Bankstown rail line to be handed over to a Chinese communist corporation.

The plans above are flagged as "indicative". This is the standard method of public servants and the highly-paid foreign-based consultancy companies employed by North Shore politicians to absolve themselves of any professional obligation. All the figures of tramstops in the EIS for the light rail produced by Booz & Company were flagged as "indicative" and we now have had confirmed that they were all deceptive and deliberately contradictory.

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