Thursday, 1 August 2013

Nine Ways to kill a tramway.

Nine Ways roundabout Kingsford
The tram rails continue along Anzac Parade until they pass through the Nine Ways round-about and reach the broad centre islands between the carriageways of Anzac Parade east of Nineways where they inexplicably terminate at the dot named Kingsford. Trams could continue along the centre of Anzac Parade with minimal interference to traffic flows or bus services all the way to La Perouse. And this would be the explanation. Once the tram rails have reached the broad centre island they have achieved their purpose:

  • This is not a competently designed tram system. 
  • This is an irrational, idealogical attack on the Public Bus Services.

The business model for setting up a private company to build and operate the tramway requires the rival public bus services to be crippled, and for public bus services to be forcibly terminated at the two possible/future bus/tram interchanges.

There was a bus stopped at the bus stop leading into the inbound bus lane along Anzac Parade when the satellite was taking its snapshot. It is at the top of the screen grab but you can follow the arguments with Google Maps. The bus could have come from Anzac Parade like the other bus in the snapshot waiting to enter Nineways, but is more likely to have come from Bunnerong Road, which passes through more populated areas and carries many more buses. These buses have an exclusive route to the tidal bus lane along Anzac Parade, shown by the blue line. This route passes nowhere near the Kingsford tram terminal, so these services will compete with the trams. They are given short shrift by Transport for NSW.

Every vehicle travelling along Anzac Parade, west of Nineways, is forced into the one the only bus lane. It is not just the bus services along Bunnerong Road that will be crippled. there are bus services taking students and staff at the University of NSW to a various destinations, bus services through Kensington along Todman Avenue and Lenthal Street and bus services through Kingsford.

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