Friday, 21 February 2014

The murderous ploy of the wicked witch

Chalmers Street alignments
M20 route
Currently the Metrobus services from Coogee and Maroubra Junction (M50 and M40) and the bus services from the South Eastern Suburbs that terminate at Railway Square set down passengers at the Devonshire Street entrance to the Central Station platforms. The Metrobus service from Botany (M20), as shown in the route map left, does the same. Passengers wishing to transfer to a train service walk efficiently and completely safely to the appropriate platform.

As you can see from the alignment diagrams inadvertently released by Sydney Council there is no earthly reason why they could not continue to be set down here. The stop is to be obliterated (except when coupled juggernauts are operating at special events) to compel bus passengers to cross two tram rails in order to transfer to a train or a tram. This is nothing more than a ploy by the Wicked Witch of the North to dissuade public bus passengers terminated at Eddy Avenue from catching a train to Town Hall, Wynyard and Circular Quay. It is hoped that instead they will transfer to a privately-operated standing-room-only tram that travels at pedestrian speed to the same destinations.

This is surely a forlorn hope. Any bus passengers silly enough to succumb to this ploy will alight from their bus and look to see if a tram is approaching round the bend from Devonshire Street. If one is, they will make a frantic dash across the tracks to the opposite platform. Tragically, they would be unlikely to see a tram zipping round the corner from Eddy Avenue.

When Parramatta Road bus services are terminated at Coogee, along the old M50 route, this will be likely to occur more frequently.

Rawson Place stop
The Rawson Place stop is just as murderous. The President and Vice Chancellor of UNSW, Fred Hilmer, in his submission reported that their Facebook page alone had received several hundred positive comments or actions. The student body is composed of students who did not get the grades to go to a real university. Students and others needing to transfer from a 45 metre long tram to a bus service forcibly terminated at Rawson Place will alight from one of the five doors of the seven-segmented tram and wait for the rear of the tram to pass them, then cross to the northern platform to catch their bus. They will be focused on the buses pulling in or waiting at the stop. They will not see or hear the tram zipping round the corner from George Street.

O'Farrell has never shown any concern for the lives of people living south of the Harbour so it is probably worth pointing out that every time a tram hits someone or something or breaks down the CBD will be effectively shut down for an indefinite period.

It should be pointed out that O'Farrell and the Minister for Transport have been informed of tramway designs that do not pose the dangers to pedestrians and passengers that are inherent in this incompetently-designed tramway.

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