Thursday, 14 November 2013

The EIS - really bad news for PPPs

In the post on PPP's (Private Public Partnerships) I noted how ridiculously easy it would be for future, rational State Governments to restore access to Elizabeth Street for peak AM bus services from Coogee and Randwick. These services deliver commuters from Randwick Junction to Bent Street and Martin Place in less than half the time that a tram would take, not including the time needed to transfer and accepting the infantile assertions about the speed of the trams.

One could not make deductions about the similar Anzac Parade bus services without information on the stops. The EIS reveals that the tram lines will crisscross the southbound lanes of Anzac Parade and undercut the corners of the Square House - the University of NSW is a Roundhouse/Squarehouse (RS) university. Incredibly, the rails cross back to the centre of the carriage-ways just before the crucial right-hand turn into Day Street used by Kingsford bus services.

Right-hand turn into Day Ave
But the good news is that it will be as ridiculously easy for a State Government to restore the AM peak services to Elizabeth Street that travel along Anzac Parade.

The assertions about the frequency, capacity and speed of the trams made in the 13 Dec 2012 and the 9/11 13 brochures are not repeated in the EIS as far as I can gather. They would have to defend these assertions in an EIS. But there are eight volumes in the printed versions of the EIS in the libraries. I have never seen anything like it. One cannot be sure what they contain.

Oops I was wrong, they are repeated in the EIS as well as the diagram of stick figures.

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