Monday, 17 June 2013

This woman will stop traffic!

Buses travel in convoys because this is the only way to avoid them filling up at the start of the route, with passengers further out being unable to board. This does not normally cause any problems as buses can leap-frog one another at stops. But nothing is normal with Clover Moore.

Sydney Council has arranged things so that bus stops completely block the flow of traffic in one direction. The pictures above show two buses queued up and forced to block traffic. The cycle paths were, as always, deserted. The bus drivers have to wear the approbrium from the public but the Councillors are proud of their achievement. Pictures of this stop were included in their plans to do the same to the much more important traffic route along Campbell Street. Campbell Street is the critical connection for east-west traffic between Goulburn Street and Flinders Street then Anzac Parade and Moore Park Road.

The tram project will create innumerable opportunities for the eco-Nazis on the Randwick City Council to emulate this agenda for deliberately creating congestion to further their objectives.

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