Wednesday, 26 June 2013

"Hold! Enough!"

The Sydney Morning Herald reported yesterday (26/06/13) that the State Government would not be considering any proposals for cycleways until the Light Rail Project has been finalised. The plans for the Campbell Street bike path which were open for submissions until 3rd December 2012 gave a schedule of a review in February, State Government approvals early 2013 and estimated construction commencement mid 2013.

Adam Lander, who is "Community Engagement Co-ordinater of the Chief Executive Officer" with the City Council, had the responsibility for summarising the submissions in January. My own detailed submission, which I attached to a previous post, and those of other residents failed to get a mention. It appears that "The Community" is outraged that there was only a oneway bike path and was demanding exclusive bike lanes on both sides of Oxford Street.

The State Government set up a six member committee with three members appointed by the Council and three by the State Government to assess bike paths and their impact on traffic movements, last year, and the three government members have evidently said "OMG" and stalled on holding meetings. Now it has been officially announced. Clover Moore's ambition to turn the Central Business District into an adventure park for the unemployed has been put on hold.

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