Wednesday, 26 June 2013

The ride just keeps getting bumpier

Emergency vehicles calmed
The trams that went up Crown Street made a turn from Oxford Street but buses have not had a right hand from Oxford Street in living memory. Bus routes to Crown travel along Campbell Street which is in the jurisdiction of Sydney Council. This intersection of Campbell Street is the Council's latest assault on buses.

Buses, delivery vehicles and emergency vehicles have to mount the raised central kerb of the round about producing more wear and tear and for what reason. The mental processes of the people responsible for doing these things are a complete mystery. Bus routes and traffic arteries to the CBD are used by thousands of people who work for a living but they have no vote in elections for the Sydney City Council. The State Government must accept responsibility for looking after the interests of people in productive work. 

Bus calming is not initiated by local residents who are vehemently opposed to them. The solution is to place bus routes to the CBD under the authority of Roads and Traffic.

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